Below you will find some of the stories and experiences at our Reuniting Events

“Reuniting has gave me clarity in the story of my life leading up to our reunion.  I found out I am not alone on the road I’ve been down and can relate to others. I have once again gained great inspiration from my brothers to charge the hill and to keep fighting like the warriors we are bred to be.”

“Better than any drug or therapy , making memories that don’t suck as much.”

“There are no friends like the friends with whom you have gone to war. They simply become the measure of friendship. And you cannot imagine your life without them. And each time you get to see them, talk with them, and laugh with them you feel that much more whole.”

“This weekend I was reminded that no one can get into shenanigans like a cavalrymen can get into shenanigans. Concurrently, there is no loyalty that rivals the loyalty in this brotherhood.”

“There is no better therapy than reconnecting with the guys who stood next to you in war. While we have mostly gone our separate ways, there is no doubt we have similar recollections of the event that forged our bonds. There is nobody out there that better understands what we faced and nobody who can better relate to the internal struggles that some of us still deal with today.”

“14 years ago I served in Iraq with these Marines, loosing touch with most of them I got to reconnect at our reunion that Reuniting After War put on for us. The stories by the fire, playing golf, playing corn hole and just seeing what everyone is up to filled my heart.
We lost great Marines in the war and after the war, one of those guys we lost was one of my best friends I had the pleasure of ever knowing. My heart still hurts thinking about them all being gone and for their families. The stuff we all went through at war makes it tough to tell civilians  about. To be able to see and reconnect with these guys and talk about what we went through, both good and bad, was a weight lifted off my chest. These guys are my lifelong brothers that I know will always have my back and I will always have theirs.”