Help Veterans Reunite!

In  June of 2016 we held our first reunion for the men of 3-61 CAV B Troop. They were deployed together in 2009 in Afghanistan. It was a hard deployment that resulted in many losses. The reunion was a huge success. Many of the participants stated reunions would be a great idea for other units as well- and Reuniting After War was born!

 R.A.W. strives to bring together the brave men and women who served together in theater of war . By providing an opportunity for these veterans to reconnect, we hope to provide them with emotional support and reduce the disconnected feelings that are often associated with a deployment ending or a return to civilian life. Through these reunions, R.A.W. will help encourage and maintain the strong connections created during these men’s time in service and will help them to transition into the next phase of their life.

100% of donations will go towards travel, lodging, food and activities during a four day reunion.

“There is no better therapy than reconnecting with the guys who stood next to you in war. While we have mostly gone our separate ways, there is no doubt we have similar recollections of the event that forged our bonds. There is nobody out there that better understands what we faced and nobody who can better relate to the internal struggles that some of us still deal with today.”  

-Christopher B. Cordova, Senior Medical Officer

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