Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

We at Reuniting After War are excited to see what this year brings.  We have one reunion planned for June. So far we have 24 guys interested in attending the reunion for 3-71 CAV, with room for about 10 more. In October we really are hoping to have a reunion for some Vietnam vets- much more on that at a later date.


The average cost per vet to attend is $1200. We cover the cost of air and ground travel, lodging and food for a 4 day, 3 night retreat. We are hard at work raising money for these reunions. On January 6 we had our 2nd Annual DodgeBall tournament.  We had a great turnout. The folks at Twin Cities DodgeBall are key in helping us make this day a success.  We were able to raise $1500 and make new friends- So fun!

On April 21, 2018 we will have our biggest fundraising event of the year dinner, auction, raffle. We have some great speakers and guests of honor lined up for the night Please save the date! We are also exploring new ways and ideas of how to, not only raise more money,  but also how to effectively cut some costs that will not impact the reunion experience.

All that being said, this is truly a labor of love. The people we get to meet along the way are an added bonus.  The veterans that we have served are some of America’s finest.  They are also  some of the most humble people we have met. Most of them have a hard time grasping and accepting the offer of an expense free  reunion. They have a hard time believing that they would be rewarded for something they signed up for. More than a few times we have graciously been asked if there isn’t a greater need with a different unit.  We are often profusely thanked and asked “how did you do this?” The answer is always “ Because we have awesome and generous donors”  This fact often stops us in our tracks.  With EVERY donation we get, we mentally applaud. It’s a boost to know that people are willing to give their hard earned money and believe in our cause.  If you are reading this and have been one of our donors, have participated in one of our events, signed up for our Amazon Smile , given us things to auction or even passed on words of encouragement, know that it has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated.


As you plan your 2018 giving budget, we would be honored if you consider us.  You can donate by visiting our website:


or mail:


2916 Jersey Ave N

Crystal, Mn 55427


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