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The very best thing about reunions is the smiles they produce and the appreciation that comes from the vets who participate. Honestly, as a whole, veterans are the most humble, thankful, grateful and respectful people I have had the pleasure of being around.  They are never looking for attention and are uncomfortable with the words “thanks for your service” (not that those words should not be uttered) When they are together the guard comes down and they turn into filthy animals ( term of endearment)…..but what stands out the most is the boisterous laughter and SMILES! By supporting us you can buy a smile….what a great way to look at it, right?  There are several ways to support- donate, buy a ticket to our upcoming event (or participate in future fund-raisers) or sign up to volunteer! And by all means like and share us on face book! The ball is in motion for upcoming reunions and countless more smiles!

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