Bad News, Good News. Bad News, Good News.



Just wanted to let our supporters know what has been happening in the last few weeks.

Bad news- our Stryker Brigade reunion scheduled in June has been canceled indefinitely due to conflicts in attendees schedules. We will happily continue to work on a different time when time allows for more to attend. Good news- the 3/7 Lima reunion planning is in full swing. As of now it looks as though we will have around 40 veterans attending the weekend of October 12-15.  We will be looking for several volunteers to help with the planning as well as serving the Marines while they are here. If you are interested in helping please sign up here.  We need help in several different areas.

More bad news: because of the size of this reunion we are not yet fully funded to pull it all off. More good news: We are confident we can raise the money to make it happen. We are moving forward with all the planning that goes into it.That being said, we are very open to ideas, suggestions and help to do so. If you would like updates via email, sign up for our newsletter on our website.

Please accept a  heartfelt thank-you for showing interest in what we do!

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