3/7 Reunion Success!

The weekend of Oct 12-15 we had the pleasure of reuniting the 3rd Bn 7th Marines Lima Co. Rein. (2003-2004) at the  Breezy Point Resort in Minnesota. There were 45 Marines (maybe a few more- some drove and it was hard to get a final count) in attendance. At times healing tears were shed, but laughter, camaraderie, inside jokes and sharing memories ruled the weekend.  One day as I was in the kitchen 2 guys were talking. I was paying no attention to what they were saying, but one of them looked up at me and said “I am sorry, we don’t get to talk like this in the outside world” Of course , I told them no apologizes were necessary – that this is what this weekend was all about.

Marine Sgt (retired) Justin Pelligrini, who was a squad leader wrote :

14 years ago I served in Iraq with these Marines, loosing touch with most of them I got to reconnect at our reunion that Reuniting After War put on for us. The stories by the fire, playing golf, playing cornhole and just seeing what everyone is up to filled my heart.
We lost great Marines in the war and after the war, one of those guys we lost was one of my best friends I had the pleasure of ever knowing. My heart still hurts thinking about them all being gone and for their families. The stuff we all went through at war makes it tough to tell civilians  about. To be able to see and reconnect with these guys and talk about what we went through, both good and bad, was a weight lifted off my chest. These guys are my lifelong brothers that I know will always have my back and I will always have theirs.
To my fellow Marines and any other Veteran, thanks for everything you have done.
To the Reuniting After War, thanks for everything you have done. Words can’t describe what this past weekend has done for all of us. You are just amazing.

What reunions do for us as an organization is reaffirm the need to have  more. They give us the fuel to keep thinking of ways to raise money. Our deepest hope is to be able to have more than one reunion per year so that we can make a bigger impact on our veteran community as we strive to “make memories that don’t suck as much” To all who help us, know that you have made a positive  impact on some of finest men America has to offer.

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