A picture is worth a thousand words

The above image is a 2006 TIME picture of the year.  It features a few of the men from 3-71 CAV.  Some in the photo will be joining us for their June Reunion. It will be the first time many of them have seen each other in over a decade.

I have studied this photo over and over, very rarely without shedding a tear.  I shudder as I look at it, thinking of all the silly complaints I hear every day. I am stunned as I look at it, wondering how, after this, do you incorporate yourself into the civilian life with this moment etched in your memory? I am grateful as I  look at it, knowing that the outcome could have been (and has been in other incidences) much more devastating.  I am aware as I look at it, that  this  photo tells a story and that thousands go untold, but with no less impact.

Lastly, I get butterflies as I look at it, with all the anticipation to their reunion, for the chance for them to not replace the memories they have, but to add some new ones. Memories of laughter, relaxation and peace. Or as one of our veterans that participated in a reunion said “memories that don’t suck as much”


Please join us in support of this reunion by attending our upcoming event. You may purchase tickets here:

or donate:

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