So close….

It is hard to believe that a month from today we will be wrapping up our second reunion. We have over 40 veterans attending. There were times that we were a little nervous about the ability to pull it off but are more than confident now!  Tee it up for the Troops gave us a sizable donation that will help immensely with lodging and travel costs. Donors gladly sponsored shirts for each of the guys attending, designed by one of their own, as a remembrance of not only their weekend, but their fallen brothers. Each gift we receive is a boost in our confidence as we feel you standing beside us. At times it feels like we are running a fundraising company but NEVER do we lose sight of our end goal,  which in the words of one of our vets, is “making memories that don’t suck as much” .

Recently I  (Mary) attended  The Stephan Mace Golf Classic. Stephen was KIA on October 3, 2009.  Also attending this event were a handful of brothers he served with, as well as the medical team that were with him in his final moments. When I am  surrounded by people who have experienced situations that my mind will not allow me to imagine, the concept of Reuniting After War is completely validated as a necessary cause. To witness guards totally let down, talking about shared experiences among laughter and tears is almost like witnessing  a continued healing. My words can not justify what happens when combat vets are together, nor the incredible gratitude that I have to be a part of it.    The link is an article about the golf tournament is you would like to read more.

From the bottoms of our hearts we THANK-YOU!

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