Here’s what we are looking forward to

The wheels are in full motion for the 3/7 Lima reunion in October! Cabins have been reserved, flights have been purchased, meals are being planned and volunteers are signing up!  Here are some of the responses to the question what are looking forward to the most.

“I’m looking forward to seeing guys I haven’t seen since I got out in 2005.  You form a very tight knit group when you’re in and since being out I’ve always missed that connection.”  
“I look forward to reuniting with my fellow Marines to share stories from during and after service, and inspiring and being inspired by the bravery and strength of my fellow warriors.”
“What I am looking forward to most is seeing all the guys. I got hurt April 17, 2004 and was sent home and discharged. I never go to see my unit again and talk about what happened after I got hurt. It will be nice to get some closure on how and what went down.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing how my brothers are doing and sharing memories with them. Talking about the times we had and how we are now. “
What WE are looking forward to the most is having the honor to serve those who have served our country so well- honestly it feels like an undeserved privilege.  .

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