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By providing an opportunity for these Veterans to reconnect, we hope to provide them with emotional support and reduce the disconnected feelings that are often associated with a deployment ending or a return to civilian life. Through these reunions, we hope to maintain the strong connections created during their time in service and help them transition into the next phase of their lives. Our focus will be primarily to reunite combat units who had troops KIA while in the theater of war.

Traveler’s Cellar Winery

Traveler’s Cellar Winery is owned and operated by one of our Regional Presidents Derrick Huff and his wife Deserea. Derrick attended a reunion in 2017 with his Marine brothers. Traveler’s Cellar Winery is located in Rockfield KY.  If you are ever in the area we highly recommend stopping in for a visit. They also offer shipping to most states if you are looking for some unique and tasty wines.

Travelers Cellar Winery hosts an annual charity  BBQ cook-off  and donates all proceeds to Reuniting After War! Check out our event calendar for more details

1st HOOAH Minnesota

1st H.O.O.A.H Minnesota is a chapter of H.O.O.A.H Inc. that was founded in 2011 to extend the mission and services of H.O.O.A.H Inc. to the state of Minnesota.

1st H.O.O.A.H Minnesota is an all-volunteer lead 501(c)(3); we are patriotic citizens committed to serving our veterans and their families by building relationships, identifying and supporting their immediate and longer term needs. We are dedicated to promoting public awareness of the many sacrifices made by our Armed Forces.

Our Mission is to Support the morale and well-being of our Armed forces by providing comfort & resources to them and their families both while they are deployed and after their return, assisting our veterans during their transition to civilian life after military service.

Prohibition Soap

Prohibition Soap is owned and operated by our Regional President, Ray Thomas. Ray had a reunion with his Marine brothers in 2019.  ALL proceeds from the “RAW” collection soap goes directly to Reuniting After War. Not only that- the soap is divine!

Crystal VFW #494

Several of the members volunteer for many of our events. Post 494 has also given substantial donations to Reuniting After War

Blake Wilson Group

Blake Wilson Group is owned and operated by our Regional President Robert Blake. “RJ”  attended a reunion in 2018 with his Army brothers. Blake Wilson Group has held fundraisers which benefits Reuniting After War
Blake Willson Group, LLC (BWG) is a skilled team of dynamic individuals dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective, and forward-thinking solutions. We focus on cultivating genuine relationships to build trust with our clients, teaming partners, and employees. We strive to be servant leaders in all facets of life and our clients are across the country including the Washington, DC area, Alabama, Louisiana, and California.


2916 Jersey Ave N Crystal, MN 55427

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