About Us

Reuniting After War was founded by Mary Henry and her son Eric Harder. Eric joined the Army in 2006. In 2010, Eric came home from his 3rd deployment. 3-61 Cav spent one year in Afghanistan and on October 3, 2009 they lost eight men during the Battle of Cop Keating. Hearing some of the survivors were struggling, Mary helped Eric organize a reunion with 23 of the men who he served with in June of 2016. It gave them time to grieve those they had lost and to reconnect after life took them all in so many directions. Eric’s group credited the reunion with reducing the disconnected feelings often associated with a deployment ending and the return to civilian life. Reuniting After War became a 501(3)(c) the next fall. Mary serves on the board as the Executive Director and Eric serves on the board as a Military Consultant.

Reuniting After War is 100% volunteer operated and aims to facilitate at least two reunions annually. The average cost for each veteran to attend a reunion is $1200.

Our first two years of operation we held one reunion annually. We have since increased to two reunions annually. Our goal is to increase this each year as opportunity allows.

Mission Statement

Reuniting After War provides an opportunity for combat veterans to reconnect and heal from shared trauma by arranging 4-day all-inclusive reunions.


Our Board

  • Mary Henry – Cofounder
  • MSG Eric Harder – Cofounder
  • Yani Byrd – Treasurer
  • Lori Lornez – Secretary
  • Amber Kent – Community Outreach/ Tech Support

Advisory Board

  • Clint Romesha
  • Thomas Rasmussen
  • Christopher Cordova

Regional Presidents

All Regional Presidents are reunion alumni

  • RJ Blake
  • Jory Brown
  • Josh Collins
  • Derrick Huff
  • Kaine Meshki
  • Michael Olivas
  • Allen Proctor
  • Christopher Safulko
  • Karlos Steele
  • Raymond Thomas

Feedback from veterans who have attended a reunion

“There is no better therapy than reconnecting with the guys who stood next to you in war. While we have mostly gone our separate ways, there is no doubt we have similar recollections of the event that forged our bonds. There is nobody out there that better understands what we faced and nobody who can better relate to the internal struggles that some of us still deal with today.”

“There are no friends like the friends with whom you have gone to war. They simply become the measure of friendship. And you cannot imagine your life without them. And each time you get to see them, talk with them, and laugh with them you feel that much more whole.”

“Reuniting has given me clarity in the story of my life leading up to our reunion. I found out I am not alone on the road I’ve been down and can relate to others. I have once again gained great inspiration from my brothers to charge the hill and to keep fighting like the warriors we are bred to be.”



2916 Jersey Ave N Crystal, MN 55427

Reuniting After War has earned the prestigious Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to openness and accountability in our operations. The Gold Seal of Transparency acknowledges our efforts in providing clear, accurate, and accessible information to our stakeholders, including funders, nonprofit members, and the community we serve.